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Friday, July 15, 2011

Perth Mining Broker | Junior Mining Broker

With over 100 combined years’ in the industry CPS Securities representatives are experienced in raising capital for Junior Mining Companies. We have a strong client base and have access to funding for equity finance for commencement of a project.  Well over 80% of are capital raisings have been a success and while past performance is no guarantee of future performance it should show a level of confidence.  CPS Securities goal is to price the issue at the best possible price so as to maximize return for clients but to also maximize the dilution to the company for a win- win situation for company and investor.   We have professionals who are highly experienced in capital raising and Tony Cunningham is our own in office Geologist.   We also take up share trading, portfolio advice, corporate advice and portfolio management in addition to Capital raising, IPO’s and placements.

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