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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Financial analyst is a person who analyzes the financial strength of the firms or the individuals. The financial analysts carry out extensive evaluation of the stock market and assess the stock investment actions such as when to buy, sell, or hold the investment or security. The fundamental responsibilities of financial analyst: They analyze financial trends in returns and investments in order to make investment decisions. They assess the performance of stocks, bonds, mutual fund, insurance and other types of financial investments. The prepare budget so that a company will not extend the expenses beyond the budget. They prepare spreadsheets, graphs, and charts to examine the financial latest trends. They make financial decisions on the current scenario of the financial strength and forecasts the future returns. Financial Analysts CPS Securities

Friday, April 6, 2012

Raymond Anthony Cunningham

Raymond Anthony Cunningham is the Managing Director of CPS SECURITIES. CPS Securities is a fully licensed securities and equities dealer holding an Australian Financial Services License. This allows Anthony Raymond Cunningham to render full range of broking services such include: Share Trading, Capital Raising, IPO's and Placements, Portfolio Management, Corporate Stock Advice, assistance on Company Finance elevation, Finance stability & Promotion, Institutional Dealing, investment Planning and in-house Smaller Company Research.

Anthony Raymond Cunningham has a professional and well experienced team which outperforms in the stream of stock trading, capital raisings, corporate advice, wealth creation and other financial fundamentals in order to increase the return on investments. The Cps representatives have well of knowledge to reduce the risk and generate additional income in the stock markets. They also offer wide range of assets and commodities at the domestic and international markets.

Contact Anthony Raymond for further clarification and issues @ 08 9223 2201 or send emails to

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anthony Raymond Cunningham | Tony Raymond Cunningham

Anthony Raymond Cunningham completed a Bachelor of Commerce after leaving Trinity College, Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Anthony Cunningham went on to pursue Post Graduation Diploma in Applied Geology from Curtin University. Anthony Raymond Cunningham initially enrolled in a Bachelor Science at UWA 1987, but transferred to Bachelor of Economics, UWA 1988 before transferring to a Bachelor of Commerce. Tony Raymond Cunningham graduated in Bachelor of Commerce from Murdoch University in 1989-92. Anthony Raymond successfully completed first year of a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, USA in 1992/93. Tony Raymond Cunningham also completed required (six) 6 Securities Institute of Australia (FINSIA now Kaplan) units to obtain Dealers License 2001.

Work Profile:

Anthony Raymond Cunningham has always had a strong desire to work with corporate and commercial finance clients in Perth and across the Western Australia. Since 21 November 1995 Mr. Anthony Cunningham has been an authorized representative with DJ Carmichael Pty limited A C N 003 058 857 (“DJ Carmichael”). In the pursuit of reaching his goals, Anthony Cunningham raised over $500m since November 2001. Anthony Raymond served clients participated in over 100 successful Floats/IPO's and 470 capital raisings since 2001.

After having worked with DJ Carmichael & Co for SIX years since November 1995 to November 2001, Anthony Raymond Cunningham started CPS Securities in November 2001 to till present. Anthony has been working with corporate advice, capital raisings and public relations services to many ASX listed companies in Australia. Anthony also worked with Hartley Poynton handling Asset Management for six months in 1995 before joining D J Carmichael Pty Ltd in 1995. Anthony Cunningham began advising in equitiesin March 1995. (All Ordinaries 1847 points) and also worked in residential property Investment adviser in 1993/94. Contact Anthony Raymond Cunningham at or call him (08) 9223 2201 for further assistance.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Financial Planners Perth | Financial Planning Perth

Cps Securities provides optimal financial planning, investment planning services in Perth, Western Australia. CPS has financial planners and advisory team which offers personal and corporate financial and investment planning services. If you want to avail Financial management services from CPS team, Call us at (08) 92232222 or 1300 799 569.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Perth Financial Advisors | Investment Advisers Perth

Cps Securities has a professional team who had profound knowledge and experience in financial advising services in Perth, Western Australia. CPS assesses share market every day with its advanced technology to advise the clients about the shares that have the best chance of earning you money. CPS team assists the clients when to buy and sell the shares (at the optimum price). For further assistance, Call us at (08) 92232222 or 1300 799 569.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Perth Iron Ore Broker | Perth Coal broker

Cps securities’ has substantial experience in Ore and Coal Broking services in the Perth Area. In addition to Ore and Coal Broking, CPS Securities also offer capital raising, broking services and corporate advice. The CPS team has highly qualified staff and is one of the leading broking firms in Western Australia. For Stock Broking Services in Australia, Call us directly at (08) 92232222 or 1300 799 569.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Investment Planning Services in Australia

CPS Securities' representatives are well-versed, qualified, experienced in the stream of Stock Broking services, Financial Planning, Capital raising, and corporate Advice etc in and across the Australia. The CPS team had substantial experience with leading broking firms in Western Australia. For availing Stock Broking Services in Australia, Call us directly at (08) 92232222 or 1300 799 569.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Perth Mining Broker | Junior Mining Broker

With over 100 combined years’ in the industry CPS Securities representatives are experienced in raising capital for Junior Mining Companies. We have a strong client base and have access to funding for equity finance for commencement of a project.  Well over 80% of are capital raisings have been a success and while past performance is no guarantee of future performance it should show a level of confidence.  CPS Securities goal is to price the issue at the best possible price so as to maximize return for clients but to also maximize the dilution to the company for a win- win situation for company and investor.   We have professionals who are highly experienced in capital raising and Tony Cunningham is our own in office Geologist.   We also take up share trading, portfolio advice, corporate advice and portfolio management in addition to Capital raising, IPO’s and placements.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Investment Planning Perth | Financial Corporate Advice

CPS Securities is a Perth, Western Australian based Broking Company specializing in private placements in ASX listed mining, mineral and resource companies.  Other services are capital raising, broking services, sophisticated and wholesale investor advice, Share Trading, Capital Raising, IPO's and Placements, Financial Portfolio Management, Financial Corporate Advice, mitigating financial risks, Investment Planning  and portfolio advice. For any other Financial related issues or assistance,   Call us directly at (08) 92232222 or 1300 799 569.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

CPS Securities - Financial Stock brokers

CPS Securities was established in late 2001 by Tony Cunningham. CPS Securities' representatives are all qualified, experienced investment professionals having each had a number of years experience with leading broking firms in Western Australia.