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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anthony Raymond Cunningham | Tony Raymond Cunningham

Anthony Raymond Cunningham completed a Bachelor of Commerce after leaving Trinity College, Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Anthony Cunningham went on to pursue Post Graduation Diploma in Applied Geology from Curtin University. Anthony Raymond Cunningham initially enrolled in a Bachelor Science at UWA 1987, but transferred to Bachelor of Economics, UWA 1988 before transferring to a Bachelor of Commerce. Tony Raymond Cunningham graduated in Bachelor of Commerce from Murdoch University in 1989-92. Anthony Raymond successfully completed first year of a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, USA in 1992/93. Tony Raymond Cunningham also completed required (six) 6 Securities Institute of Australia (FINSIA now Kaplan) units to obtain Dealers License 2001.

Work Profile:

Anthony Raymond Cunningham has always had a strong desire to work with corporate and commercial finance clients in Perth and across the Western Australia. Since 21 November 1995 Mr. Anthony Cunningham has been an authorized representative with DJ Carmichael Pty limited A C N 003 058 857 (“DJ Carmichael”). In the pursuit of reaching his goals, Anthony Cunningham raised over $500m since November 2001. Anthony Raymond served clients participated in over 100 successful Floats/IPO's and 470 capital raisings since 2001.

After having worked with DJ Carmichael & Co for SIX years since November 1995 to November 2001, Anthony Raymond Cunningham started CPS Securities in November 2001 to till present. Anthony has been working with corporate advice, capital raisings and public relations services to many ASX listed companies in Australia. Anthony also worked with Hartley Poynton handling Asset Management for six months in 1995 before joining D J Carmichael Pty Ltd in 1995. Anthony Cunningham began advising in equitiesin March 1995. (All Ordinaries 1847 points) and also worked in residential property Investment adviser in 1993/94. Contact Anthony Raymond Cunningham at or call him (08) 9223 2201 for further assistance.


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