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Friday, April 6, 2012

Raymond Anthony Cunningham

Raymond Anthony Cunningham is the Managing Director of CPS SECURITIES. CPS Securities is a fully licensed securities and equities dealer holding an Australian Financial Services License. This allows Anthony Raymond Cunningham to render full range of broking services such include: Share Trading, Capital Raising, IPO's and Placements, Portfolio Management, Corporate Stock Advice, assistance on Company Finance elevation, Finance stability & Promotion, Institutional Dealing, investment Planning and in-house Smaller Company Research.

Anthony Raymond Cunningham has a professional and well experienced team which outperforms in the stream of stock trading, capital raisings, corporate advice, wealth creation and other financial fundamentals in order to increase the return on investments. The Cps representatives have well of knowledge to reduce the risk and generate additional income in the stock markets. They also offer wide range of assets and commodities at the domestic and international markets.

Contact Anthony Raymond for further clarification and issues @ 08 9223 2201 or send emails to

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